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Criminal Damaging charges are a serious legal matter, as this offense can be charged as a felony, particularly when the damage endangers the lives of others. Some of these offenses are charged as misdemeanors, but the penalty for a 2 nd degree misdemeanor includes up to 90 days in jail. Criminal damaging usually includes some sort of corrosive substance, tampering with mechanical parts, fire, flood, poison gas or other dangerous element. When aircraft parts are involved, the charge is increased to a felony offense, with the resultant punishments including prison time.

Each case is individual in circumstances, and it is critical that contact a Columbus criminal damaging defense lawyer to review the situation and advise you how to proceed.

Criminal Damaging Defense Attorney in Columbus

Facing criminal charges of any type is frightening and dangerous. If you are charged with criminal damaging, it indicates that the prosecutor considers there is enough evidence to convict you. This is a serious matter and requires the skill of an experienced criminal defense lawyer from Koffel Brininger Nesbitt to immediately take actions for the defense of your case. The legal team has over 21 years of experience in defending serious criminal charges and has been named Ohio Super Lawyers ® as well as being listed in " Best Lawyers in America." The years of experience with criminal defense provides a strong support for clients facing criminal damaging charges.

CASE RESULT: Our client, a 22 year old college senior was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, criminal damaging, and criminal mischief in Delaware County by multiple Sheriff deputies. The deputies were arresting the client's younger brother when the client started to try and discuss the situation with them. After the deputies told him to leave, the client walked away yelling profanities. The deputies chased him down, and in the process, put his head through a plate glass store window. The deputies then alleged that he struggled with them as they were placing him under arrest. The client urinated on the floor of the cell he was placed in. After 6 months of representation, Attorney Tod Brininger proceeded to take the case to Jury Trial. After the State presented its case, Mr. Brininger moved for dismissal of the charges, and the Court granted dismissal of the disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal damaging. The state offered a minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct on the final charge, and the defendant took the plea. He was fined $100.

It is critical that you contact the firm immediately if you have been charged with this crime, as it is extremely important that you have legal counsel with you throughout the process, including immediately after the arrest and prior to questioning from investigators or law enforcement personnel. You will probably be facing a bail hearing and it is strongly advised that you have an attorney from the firm represent you at this hearing, as well as the arraignment and in every step of the legal process. The criminal defense lawyer from the firm will be seeking out defense options from the moment of the arrest, and will exploit any possible opening or flaw in the case on behalf of the client.

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