Brad Koffel Comments on Upper Arlington Teacher Indicted on Sex Charges


A teacher and head football coach who worked at Upper Alington High School and Bishop Ready High School has been indicted on multiple sex crime charges, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

As reported by the Dispatch, Joe Cutler was charged with multiple counts of rape, sexual battery, and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Cutler, a Greensview Elementary School gym teacher who has been with the Upper Arlington school district since 1999, faces accusations connected to incidents involving an Upper Arlington student that allegedly occurred between 2000 and 2003.

According to a message from the school district, Cutler was placed on leave after administrators were notified of a criminal investigation related to a former student complaint in the summer of 2021. The district also announced that Cutler would now be suspended without pay

Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel has represented criminal defendants in courts across Ohio for 30 years, and is familiar with the challenges both sides face in sex crime cases.

“It must be noted that every teacher, coach, and other persons working with minors is at high risk of false or exaggerated allegations. The problem with this case is the 20-year delay. Juries do not like delays and tend to be inherently suspicious of former students coming forward so many years later.

This case will likely rise and fall on the credibility of the accuser and Mr. Cutler. I would be shocked if there is any evidence, exhibits or witnesses to corroborate this claim.”

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