Ohio State Police Make Over 250 Drug, Weapons Arrests in 6-State Trooper Project


A multi-state law enforcement partnership aimed at removing drugs and illegal weapons has netted hundreds of arrests, according to a release from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The 6-State Trooper Project, which began on Thursday, March 11 and ended on Saturday, March 13, included the OSHP, Indiana State Police, Kentucky State Police, Michigan State Police, and West Virginia State Police.

During the three-day initiative, Ohio State Highway Patrol made 21 arrests for illegal weapon violations and 246 drug arrests – the most of any law enforcement agency involved in the 6-Trooper Project.

OSHP also reported:

  • A seizure of 66 pounds of marijuana from a vehicle stopped on I-75 in Hancock County.
  • An arrest for 28 grams of meth and a loaded handgun in a vehicle stopped on US-35 in Galla County.
  • A 63-pound marijuana seizure from a vehicle stopped on I-80 in Sandusky County.
  • An arrest of two individuals with 172 grams of meth on their persons and a loaded firearm in a vehicle stopped on SR-823 in Scioto County.

In total, the 6-State Trooper Project netted 539 drug arrests and 78 arrests for illegal weapons.

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