Anxiety in America: Where Do We Go From Here?


On the Sunday, May 3, 2020 episode of For the Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel discusses America’s anxiety and the role it plays as local, state, and federal officials gradually roll out plans to re-open socio-economic systems, and implement various social distancing directives and controls.

As Attorney Koffel notes, America has become an increasingly anxious nation. Even prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we saw prescriptions for anti-anxiety pills double in the past 20 years, suicide rates skyrocket, and a general feeling of anxiousness permeate our culture.

While preventative measures to flatten the curve were indeed imperative, Attorney Koffel says, citizens have a civic duty to ask questions, be informed, and critically assess what they’re being told – which is precisely what experienced defense attorneys do as well. The question now, for those who wish to brave the pitchforks of an anxious America, is where do we go from here?