KBN Secures Dismissal on Eve of Trial in College Sex Crime Case


Columbus criminal defense attorneys at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt recently secured a successful outcome on behalf of a client who was indicted for rape as a result of a sexual encounter on a local Ohio college campus.

As court records show, our client’s case had been investigated for 18 months when, just days before the case was to proceed to trial, the county prosecutor’s office dismissed the rape case.

As a result of negotiations with the prosecutor’s office, our client entered a guilty plea to a non-sex offense and was sentenced to 2 years of basic probation.

Koffel Brininger Nesbitt: Proven Defense Attorneys

KBN has extensive experience protecting the freedoms and futures of clients facing serious criminal investigations and charges, including those involving sex crimes and high school and college students.

Though suspects in these cases face tremendous scrutiny, they have the right to defend themselves against the government’s allegations. KBN works diligently to protect this constitutional right, and to secure resolutions that protect clients from life-altering penalties and repercussions.

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