Shutting Down the Country, Saving the Economy From the ICU


On the Easter 2020 episode of For the Defense, Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel takes some Intel gathered through conversations with business owners, employees, politicians, and others to discuss COVID-19, the country’s current shutdown, and how dramatic policy changes may be needed to prevent the economy from going into the ICU.

After covering coronavirus happenings across the world, Attorney Koffel takes a close look at U.S interventions, and questions not only how compelling a government’s interest is in countering the spread of an infectious disease, but what Courts and the U.S. Constitution have to say about crisis and the rights of citizens, who now face 30% unemployment, and who makes the calls.

As Attorney Koffel asks, how long will ordered liberty last in America, and will our government, which derives its powers from the consent of the governed, be able to avoid economic disaster?