Attorney Brad Koffel Discusses COVID-19 Containment & Re-Opening The Economy


Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel recently appeared on WTVN Radio for an interview about his thoughts on ways local governments can strike a balance between management of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and re-opening of the American economy.

After recapping points made in last Sunday’s episode of For the Defense, Attorney Koffel explains how he’s taken the approach of a criminal defense attorney to raise important questions about when and how local, state, and federal policies can effectively re-open the economy while continuing sensible efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 – as well as what may happen if they don’t.

As Attorney Koffel notes, “turning off the tornado siren” is not a call to blindly abandon social distancing and other containment efforts, but rather a reminder that promulgation of restriction, fear, and indiscriminate closure come at a price. The balance, he suggests, may require a more localized and practical approach – one that tempers containment with the need to avoid what could be catastrophic economic harms.

Listen to Attorney Koffel’s interview here.