For the Defense: Mike Davis, Crime & Punishment, & Defending the Constitution


On another “Nice Sunday,” Attorneys Brad Koffel and Eric Willison start off the latest episode of For the Defense with a somewhat dangerous topic that may not suitable for little ears: the case of Veteran Ohio TV Weatherman Mike Davis, who was recently charged by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office with pandering child pornography.

As Attorney Koffel notes, though such charges are difficult to discuss, they still require discretion when doling out appropriate punishment – whether that’s substantial time in prison, as would have likely been the case if Davis had been charged by the Federal Government, or something else, which the state of Ohio could provide Davis as a means to peel back on the mass incarceration of people who may not necessarily need to be incarcerated. Koffel and Willison also discuss where defense attorneys fit in cases like these, and how their focus is not on justifying wrongful conduct, but defending the Constitution, the rights of individuals charged with crimes, and ensuring the government abides by the rules and procedures by which it is bound.