Brad Koffel Discusses Kids & Bad Decisions with WTVN's Joel Riley


Attorney Brad Koffel recently contributed his two cents, over two decades of experience as a defense lawyer, and insight as a Dad, to discuss children, bad behavior, and discipline with WTVN’s Joel Riley.

The segment focuses in on high-profile allegations against Ohio middle school students, one of whom is being represented by Attorney Koffel, who’ve been accused of spiking teachers’ food with bodily fluids in a cooking class.

In addition to discussing what may come of the case, Attorney Koffel branches out into a larger discussion about the role social media plays when it comes to displaying the lack of good-decision making so common with kids, and why juvenile courts and special interventions exist to deal with youth and bad decisions in a fair and reasonable way.

You can listen to Attorney Koffel’s full interview with Joel Riley here.