Ohio's Revised 2019 Ohio Sex Offender Registration Chart Now in Effect


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The state of Ohio has revised laws regarding sex offender registration for 2019. The new sex offender registration laws apply to individuals who have been convicted of, or who have plead guilty to or adjudicated for, certain offenses constituting a sex crime as defined by Ohio state law.

Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2950 governs the terms of sex offender registration in the state of Ohio, including the classification of sex offenders and the community-notification requirements to which they’re subject. While this section of law has been “on the books” since 1963, it has been heavily revised in recent years. Since the passing of the Federal “Adam Walsh Act,” which implemented new national standards, sex offenders have been divided into three “Tiers,” or categories based on the crime committed.

Under the new 2019 Sex Offender Registration Rules, some Ohio Offense Tiers have been changed. The following chart shows the new Offense Tiers for the purposes of sex offender registration in Ohio:

Revised 2019 Ohio Sex Offender Registration Chart

If you have questions regarding the new Offense Tiers or its impact on sex crime allegations and registration, contact Koffel Brininger Nesbitt to speak with a Columbus criminal defense attorney.