For the Defense: Finding a "Front Porch" in a Changing America


For the Defense’s Sunday August 11, 2019 episode has a lot to cover. From the fate of Jeffrey Epstein, whether it’s homicide, suicide, or a new face for his future in Vietnam, to guns in the wake of recent tragedies and a different type of America.

In the show, Attorneys Brad Koffel and The General Eric Willison call attention to growing numbers of overdose deaths (up 400% since 2000), suicides and mass shootings, (which have skyrocketed and reduced life expectancy in the U.S.), divorce, and urban sprawl – and whether they’re a dangerous brew that’s reshaped America’s zeitgeist into one of loneliness and despair, where there’s more toxic technology and fewer communal front porches.

Tune in now to listen to the latest episode of For the Defense with Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Brad Koffel.