Brad Koffel Gets Cases Closed For Clients Facing Sex Crime Investigations


Criminal Defense Attorney and Firm Founder Brad Koffel recently secured a pair of positive resolutions in two pre-file investigation matters. Both of the cases involved clients in prominent lines of work under investigation for potential sex crimes.

In each case, Mr. Koffel’s early intervention proved invaluable – as both were closed before any criminal charges were filed:

  • Police Officer Cleared of Child Pornography & Voyeurism – Mr. Koffel’s client was under investigation on suspicion of possession of child pornography and voyeurism. The client was terminated immediately by their employing police department before the investigation was concluded. Following a 6-month investigation, it was determined the images under the client’s possession were not illegal, and that there was no corroborating evidence the client committed the crime of voyeurism. The case was closed, and no criminal charges were filed.
  • Doctor Falsely Accused of Rape, Case Closed – Mr. Koffel’s client, a practicing physician, had been falsely accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter. The daughter’s mother, our client’s ex-girlfriend, brought the allegations against our client under what we believe was an attempt to extort additional money from him. However, Mr. Koffel and our client challenged the allegations against him, and refused to cooperate with the ex-girlfriend. The client passed a polygraph and was prepared to defend himself in court before the case was closed with no criminal charges.

Sex crimes are among the most harshly punished and severely viewed offenses on our books, and mere allegations alone have the potential to alter the reputations and lives of the accused. As these two cases show, seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney during pre-file investigations is crucial to protecting one’s rights when under scrutiny by law enforcement, and to pursuing case closures which avoid what are often serious and life-altering criminal charges.

Brad Koffel and Koffel Brininger Nesbitt represent clients facing sex crime investigations and a range of criminal and administrative allegations related to sex crimes and sexual misconduct – including Title IX matters, computer sex crimes, juvenile / high school sex offenses, and more.

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