Never Talk to the Cops, Trump Should Not Talk to Mueller, and Should Kids be Required to Register as Sex Offenders?


Attorney Brad Koffel discusses the risks Donald Trump would take if he speaks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the risks anyone under investigation takes when speaking with law enforcement.

“Nobody should be talking to a detective or an investigator or a police officer if we’re [the] target of an investigation," Koffel said. "Here’s why: number one, it can never help you. Your statement to the police is not admissible in your trial, if it goes to trial. Your statement that you give to the police where you’re talking about your innocence, the facts on your side, is not admissible unless the state wants to use it, and if the government wants to use it then there are pieces of your statement are damaging to you.”

After the break, Brad speaks with a current client who is on probation about the events that resulted in him being placed on probation and on a sex offender registry for 25 years.

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