List of Top Judges on the Franklin County Municipal Court Bench


The Columbus Bar Association recently released their list of the top judges serving on the Franklin County Municipal Court bench. The list was based off a poll of attorneys working in Franklin County.

According to Courts Reporter John Futty, this poll is conducted every other year for the 15 Municipal Court judges handling misdemeanor and traffic lawsuits and cases that involve disputes up to $15,000. The attorneys polled were asked to rate judges on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent in categories ranging from legal knowledge to judicial temperament. The list, according to the 400 polled:

  • Daniel R. Hawkins (4.5)
  • H. William Pollitt (4.5)
  • Paul M. Herbert (4.4)
  • Mark A. Hummer (4.4)
  • Jodi Thomas (4.3)
  • David B. Tyack (4.2)
  • Ted Barrows (4.1)
  • James E. Green (3.8)
  • Cindi Morehart (3.8)
  • Michael T. Brandt (3.7)
  • James P. O’Grady (3.7)
  • Andrea C. Peeples (3.7)
  • Eileen Y. Paley (3.3)
  • Cynthia L. Ebner (2.8)
  • Amy Salerno (2.6)

Critics of the poll complain that of the thousands of licensed attorneys in Franklin County, only a small percentage actually participate – however, the bar association countered that complaint by saying that attorneys should only vote on judges they appeared before within the past two years.

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