Franklin County Officers Begin Operation Verify To Confirm Sex Offenders' Addresses


Officers in Franklin County joined up with federal and state agents on Monday, May 15 to begin Operation Verify, a three-day operation intended to make sure that the more than 1,700 registered sex offenders in the county had provided an accurate address to the sheriff’s office.

Officials broke up into ten two-person teams and went door-to-door equipped with photographs of registered sex offenders in order to visually confirm their identity when they came to the door. In cases where the offenders did not come to the door, the officials would speak with neighbors until they found someone who could identify the offender and confirm their home address.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin, Operation Verify is intended to let sex offenders know that law enforcement is still keeping an eye on them.

"It keeps the people on registration honest," he said. "It knows we're out there checking on them and making sure they're doing what they should do."

Sheriff Baldwin’s office reported that they were able to confirm about 90 percent of sex offenders were living at the correct address, and further investigations could result in charges including Failure To Register for those living at different addresses.

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