What People Are Saying About Our Preventative Law Practice


At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we are passionate about our Preventative Law practice and helping those in need. We've worked with others in this regard and are hopeful that we can continue to push toward success in helping addicts with another alternative.

One of the individuals we work with, Bryan Lepinske, psychotherapist at Second Nature Wilderness Program, had this to say about us and what we are working to accomplish:

Thank you for your kind words about our program. I've been doing this work for 15 years, and the collaborative and supportive attitude that you and your legal team have had with us is second to none, and incredibly appreciative. I'm very passionate about this work, and going back to a compilation of essays that I read as an undergrad in a philosophy class, I've always deeply felt that punishment should only exist when it has a rehabilitative quality to it, one that comes from a place of human regard.

Sadly, I've had little confidence in our justice system, and frankly in the world of law over the years. I've continuously found that the professionals and authority figures who are often making profoundly important decisions in the lives of individuals such as [your client] have little real awareness of substance abuse problems, privilege, disparity, crime, learning differences, and the gamut of mental illness, and counsel from a lens that is haphazard, if not archaic.

My experience with you, Fran, and the folks at Koffel has been profoundly different. You are compassionate, sensitive to [your client’s] needs beyond his legal rights, and deeply committed to doing your part to collaborate with others to do not only what is in [your client’s] best interest, but what is in my humble opinion in the best interest of the greater community.

I have immense appreciation and gratitude for what you are doing, and am so happy for [your client] that you are on his side.

With deep regard!


We want to thank Bryan for the kind words and look forward to our continued efforts.