More Privacy for Juvenile and Domestic Cases in Ohio


Ohio’s high court has amended its Rules of Superintendence, a change that will provide more protections of personal information in juvenile and domestic cases.

Local courts in Ohio will now have to protect certain information considered “sensitive” in juvenile and domestic cases. The new rule affects civil proceedings.

The amendment, Sup.R. 44(C)(2)(h), restricts the following types of documents from being accessible to the public, as they are considered sensitive and no longer defined as a case document.

  • Health records
  • Reports on drug and alcohol
  • Guardian ad litem reports
  • Reports resulting from home investigations
  • Any report or documentation relating to custody, parental rights, companionship, etc.
  • Assessments for domestic violence
  • Financial records, including appraisals of assets

Documentation such as motions, complaints, and dockets will remain accessible to the public. Any information now considered protected can only be accessed by parties involved in the case and their legal counsel.

The Ohio Supreme Court moved to approve these changes after receiving a recommendation from the Ohio Task Force on Family Law and Children as well as the Report and Recommendations on Family Law Reform. For more information, you can read the amendment directly or read an overview on Court News Ohio.