Know Your Rights in the New Year


There is something hopeful and liberating about ringing in the New Year. When the clock strikes midnight, it feels like you get a new chance to do everything you did not do in the year before. Or it feels like a chance to start over, fixing mistakes of the past. While the majority of people focus on bettering their health and relationships, they sometimes forget to think of their civil liberties. One thing you should be sure to spend some thought on this year are your rights as a citizen.

As United States citizen, you have many rights allotted to you. That is one thing that makes this country so great. However, when an individual is stopped, charged, or arrested for a criminal crime, it can be hard to remember your rights. That is why, we at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt urge you to familiarize yourself with the privileges allotted to you.

The Right to Say “No”

Often, people assume that if an officer asks you to do something, you automatically have to do it. This is not true. In situations where you believe that you have been wrongfully pulled over or the authorities do not have reasonable suspicions, you do not have to submit to their searches or tests.

The Right to a Fair Trial

Each citizen has the right to a fair trial. That means that if they have been charged with a crime, they have the opportunity to present their case before an impartial jury. They are also innocent, unless proven guilty.

The Right to Legal Representation

Under your Miranda Rights, you have the right to legal representation in the event of a charge. This means that you can seek qualified, experienced attorneys to protect your rights. If you cannot afford one, the state can appoint one for you.

The Right to Due Process Under the Law

Every citizen is innocent until proven guilty. There are certain steps the state and authorities must take in order to prove your guilt. You also have a chance to prove your innocence. If a court does not follow due process, they are violating your rights.

At Koffel Brininger Nesbitt, we hope you have a great new year. We hope this year is better than the last and that you are aware of your rights. If you are charged with a crime or violation, contact our Columbus criminal defense attorneys.