The Ohio Bill That Makes Presentence Reports Optional


Lawmakers in the Ohio Senate are in the process of considering a bill that would make preparing presentence reports optional in non-prison felony cases.

The Ohio Senate is contemplating a bill that would save money and the amount of time inmates have to be in jail before they are sentenced. The bill would make a presentence report optional, provided that the prosecution and the defense can agree.

Presentencing reports can, in some cases, cost $800 and take up to six weeks to prepare. This means that before an offender is even sentenced, they could be waiting in jail for up to six weeks while the presentencing report is being prepared.

The bill, which was already approved by the Ohio House in May, makes preparing a presentence report optional in cases involving a non-prison sentence, so offenders would not have to remain in jail during this phase. Judges would still be able to order a presentencing report if they saw fit.

The Ohio Supreme Court has commented on presentence investigations for non-prison felony cases before, saying that they are both excessive and unwarranted. Koffel Brininger Nesbitt shares this assessment. For more information, you can read about the bill on ABC 13.