What To Expect From Annie’s Law


Annie’s Law (House Bill 388) was passed by the Ohio State Senate on December 6, and Governor John Kasich is expected to sign it into law next year which will mean big changes for first time DUI offenders. For more information on its passage, you can read our announcement of the vote here. While we wait for Governor Kasich’s signature, we’ve put together an outline of the changes to Ohio’s DUI / OVI law that may soon become implemented.

  1. First offense DUI offenders* can get unlimited driving privileges with the installation of an ignition interlock device.
  2. The judge must suspend all jail in the event the first time offender elects to go with the interlock.
  3. The judge may reduce the license suspension by 50% if the offender elects to get the interlock.
  4. Creates a new violation of law called “IID VIOLATION” for Ignition Interlock**.
  5. The offender must have a new special driver’s license that denotes the use of the interlock. Failure to obtain this new license is a mandatory jail term.
  6. Offenders can apply for indigent status for free interlock.
  7. Other DUI/OVI-related provisions extends the “lookback” period for DUI/OVI from 6 years to ten years.
  8. Lengthens license suspensions for multiple offenders***.
  9. Eliminates yellow license plates for1st or 2nd offenders who take a breath test.

*refers to 1st offense in 10 years and the offender must still wait 15 days for a positive breath test or 30 days on a refusal.

**IID Violation will result in continuous alcohol monitoring (also known as “SCRAM”).

*** First offense OVI will have a mandatory minimum license 1-5 years but can be reduced by 50% for the installation of IID.

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