New Committee Seeks to Improve Drug Education in Ohio


Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine, Senate President Keith Faber, and House Speaker Clifford Rosenberger announced on August 11 that they were forming the Ohio Joint Study Committee on Drug Use Prevention Education. This committee was formed to examine how successful educating students in Ohio schools about preventing drug use is. Following their examination, the committee will recommend alternative options for how drug education should be implemented across all grade levels in schools across the state.

Attorney General DeWine had this to say on the formation of the new committee[1]:

<blockquote> “Ohio is facing the worst drug epidemic that I've seen in my lifetime. We need to change how we think about drugs and talk about drugs, and we need to start this culture change with Ohio's children. Through the work of this committee, we hope to identify strategies that schools can use to provide comprehensive, age-appropriate drug use prevention education across all grade levels to help prevent future addiction.” </blockquote>

The committee plans to figure out how schools are currently educating students on drug prevention, which schools are in need of assistance with their programs, and what the best way to expand these programs to properly educate children across all grade levels. The committee will release a report on their recommendations and findings and once the study is complete.

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