What 25% of Ohio Prisoners Have In Common


You might be surprised to find that one out of every four Ohio prisoners are all serving time for a similar type of offense.

In Ohio, one out of four prisoners is serving time for a sex-related offense like rape or sexual imposition. The Correctional Institution Inspection Committee conducted the study that returned findings that 7,707 Ohio prisoners were convicted of sex offenses and 2,415 were imprisoned for violating their parole in conjunction with an initial sex offense – amounting to roughly 25% of the state’s total prison population.

What’s To Be Done

According to the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, whose job is in the name, there are still insufficiencies in the programs they provide to rehabilitate sex offenders. For example, zero programs exist currently for sex offenders residing at Ohio’s highest security prisons. According to the Department, this is because these prisoners are more inclined to disruptive behavior.

Sex Offenders and Recidivism in Ohio

Another interesting finding, although not incredibly surprising, is that sex offenders released from prison have a disproportionately difficult time finding employment. This is one of the primary reasons for re-offending and ending back up in an Ohio prison. This further highlights the imperativeness of better rehabilitation programs for sex offenders in prison.

What are the most common sex offenses in Ohio?

The report surveyed Ohio inmates to determine what the most common offenses resulting in conviction were. The results are as follows:

  1. Rape
  2. Sexual Imposition
  3. Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  4. Sexual Battery
  5. Pandering Obscenity
  6. Unlawful Conduct with a Minor
  7. Felonious Sexual Penetration
  8. Promoting Prostitution

On average, individuals imprisoned for sex-related crimes spend about a decade in prison before release. Interested in learning more? View the report here.