New Movie Takes a Look at "Rape Culture" on U.S. College Campuses


In "The Hunting Ground," a new documentary released by the people who made "The Invisible War," viewers get an inside look into what people are calling the " rape culture" on U.S. college campuses. The film chronicles the stories of various women who claim they had been sexually assaulted on campus, but forced to stay quiet about it.

Institutions like Harvard and Notre Dame, according to The Hunting Ground, habitually cover up sexual assault accusations to protect their reputation, and in many cases, their star athletes. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was one athlete featured in the film.

The Hunting Ground hones in on fraternities, and doesn't shy away from the fact that the second leading cause of lawsuits against fraternities is sexual assault. Filmmakers reached out to various university officials, but they either failed to return calls or declined to comment. For more on the documentary, read about it in The New York Times or watch the preview.

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