New LSD-Type Drug Plagues Central Ohio


Officials in Central Ohio have identified a new designer drug that resembles and is sometimes sold as LSD. The drug is known as 25I, 25B or 25C.

Police in Central Ohio are reporting a new designer drug they have identified as 25I – also known as 25B or 25C. The drug initiates hallucinations that are similar to an LSD trip. In some cases, the designer drug is even being branded and sold as LSD.

As with most designer drugs, it is often difficult to determine the substance's chemical makeup, which can even differ from batch to batch. A large part of the danger is the uncertainty of the drug's origins. Users can't really know what they're putting into their bodies, who made it, and where.

Designer drugs like 25I are highly addictive and incredibly dangerous. One police report recounts a 14-year-old girl who had taken 25I and had to be restrained from jumping out of the second story window of her parents' home.

Officials from the DEA say these types of designer drugs are tantamount to poison. Chemicals like these were never meant to safely enter the human body. Common side effects include –

  • Seizures
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Sudden Death

Regulators have a difficult time classifying and outlawing synthetic drugs. By the time officials identify and outlaw a synthetic drug, other, newer synthetic drugs have already entered the market. House Bill 64 outlawed a number of synthetic drugs, but manufacturers began modifying the chemical makeup of those substances to skirt around the law, sometimes making the drugs even more dangerous than they were previously.

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