Involuntary Manslaughter Charges Could Await Ohio Heroin Suppliers


Heroin suppliers beware: Ohio’s “heroin overdose death project” aims to charge drug suppliers in the death of overdose victims.

Franklin County detectives are on the hunt for heroin suppliers in connection with heroin overdose deaths, said Prosecutor Ron O’Brien. The task force, which has unofficially taken on the name “the heroin-overdose-death project” was spurred on by an indictment in the death of a young woman who OD’d in a Meijer bathroom.

Franklin County sheriffs were able to trace the heroin she OD’d on to a Madison County woman who has since been charged with involuntary manslaughter, corrupting another with drugs, and heroin trafficking.

In most cases, it is extremely difficult to trace heroin overdoses to a supplier, which is why there are so few involuntary manslaughter charges in conjunction with these cases. In this case, Franklin County detectives said they were able to trace the young woman’s phone records and use video footage to her supplier. Heroin overdose cases require quick action if detectives hope to connect the deaths to drug suppliers, so the county is asking for more resources to join in this effort.

As prescription opioids become more expensive and harder to come by, many Ohioans spanning all socioeconomic groups have turned to heroin as a cheap and readily available alternative. As overdose deaths continue to rise, Ohio officials are doing all they can to stop, or at least diminish the problem.

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