Former Allen County Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Evidence Theft


Koffel represents Fred DePalmaWhen the story first broke earlier this year, Sheriff Sam Crish wouldn’t release the name of the employee at the center of an evidence theft probe of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. However, Crish did state that only three Allen County employees had the combination to the evidence room, one of whom was a sergeant who retired last November. Just before the news of the criminal investigation broke, Crish terminated that employee’s status as a special deputy (after retirement, he stayed on in special deputy status).

The former sergeant had been employed at the Allen County Sheriff’s Office for 27 years. His most recent job duties at the office involved collecting, documenting, and shooting photos of evidence.

In April, the investigating agency released information about what was stolen, which included more than 30 guns and nearly $12,000. In response to the charges, he pleaded innocent to all 112 counts in the indictment originating from 35 separate incidents.

Today, he pleaded guilty to 59 of the original 112 counts. He faces a possible 109 years in prison. The defendant was represented by Attorney Brad Koffel.

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