Police Video Server Issue Could Affect Columbus DUI Cases


The Columbus police department recently hit a bit of a snag with their DashCam video server – it's out of memory. The department estimates that replacing the server will cost more than $600,000. Employees within the CPD technology department say they warned the city about the server running out of storage space two years ago, but the city did not take action.

The DashCams on police cars in Columbus also have memory cards, but these fill up quickly. Once the department realized that the server was full, they realized that their officers' memory cards were also filled up. As a result, the department estimates that about 31 of its patrol cars are unable to record video evidence, which will make prosecuting DUIs more difficult.

prosecutor's rely heavily on video evidence when trying drunk driving cases. If you were recently arrested for OVI/DUI in Columbus, this could affect your case. Contact Koffel Brininger Nesbitt today for more information.