Koffel Law Firm Represents Five OSU Students Arrested During Mirror Lake Jump


It is a tradition for Ohio State University students to jump into Mirror Lake during the week of the University of Michigan rivalry game. The tradition lives on regardless of the weather, but this year's Mirror Lake jump ended in five arrests and at least four people injured. Koffel Brininger Nesbitt is representing the five students who were arrested during the event.

Police arrested the five Buckeyes for disorderly conduct. According to Dan Hedman, an OSU spokesman, there were neither arrests or injuries in last year's rivalry week lake jump. And although the University does not sponsor or endorse the event, they have stepped up to help students stay safe during it. For example, starting last year, OSU put a fence around Mirror Lake and only allowed students with wristbands to enter the area.

According to Ohio Revised Code 2917.11, disorderly conduct is a minor misdemeanor unless it meets one of the following criteria –

  • The individual continues in conduct considered disorderly even after warning
  • The disorderly conduct takes place near a school or school-designated safety zone
  • The disorderly conduct occurs in front of emergency personnel such as a cop or firefighter
  • The disorderly conduct occurs in front of an emergency facility personnel engaged in his or her duties

If the conduct defined as "recklessly inconveniencing, annoying, or alarming another person" meets any one of the aforementioned criteria, it can be charged as a fourth degree misdemeanor.

This case will aim to determine whether the five students' display of Buckeye pride meets the criteria for disorderly conduct according to Ohio law.