Former Fairfield County Prosecutor Announces Plans to Run for Judge


David L. Landefeld (Rep.), who from 1983 until 2011 worked as a prosecutor for Fairfield County, announced plans to run for the county Municipal Court judicial seat in 2015. Landefeld stated, "I believe the county would be best served with me as a judge. At this point, it is the best use of my talents."

Landefeld retired early from his seventh term as Fairfield County prosecutor due partially to the uncertainty over pension changes, some sources say. Currently, he works as an attorney at the law office of Crabbe, Brown and James in Lancaster, Ohio.

Landefeld is gunning for the seat currently held by Judge Patrick N. Harris. Recently, longtime-Republican Harris crossed the aisle over to the Democratic Party, which Landefeld said did play a role in his decision to run. He declined to comment on his decision to switch political parties because the judgeship is a nonpartisan position. Harris, 51, has yet to decide whether he will vacate his judicial seat or run for his third six-year term.

In 2011, Landefeld expressed his opinion that law enforcement should not need a warrant to use GPS tracking on supposed criminals. He retired early that same year with Gregg Marx taking his place.