Bath Salt Copycat Drug Found in Southern Ohio


Southern Ohio law enforcement agencies have seen a new drug crop up as of late. The drug resembles bath salts and is called "alpha-PVP." Detective Joe Ross of the Ironton Police Department in Southern Ohio called alpha-PVP use an "epidemic" in his town that has been difficult to control.

Alpha-PVP users describe the drug as highly addictive. For many people, it only takes one try to become hooked. Here are some facts everyone should know about this new drug –

  • It's difficult for law enforcement to combat because it doesn't show up on regular urine tests
  • Like bath salts, alpha-PVP is a synthetic drug
  • Alpha-PVP is referred to as "gravel" in some scenarios, especially when mixed with meth
  • The drug is most prevalent in Southern Ohio currently
  • While Franklin County has had some alpha-PVP cases, the drug of choice still seems to be heroin
  • Other counties in Central Ohio are experiencing similar bath salt-type drug use among the population. In Madison County, the drug is "Moon Rock."

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