Cuyahoga County Heroin Deaths Reach Record High in 2013


Cuyahoga County, the largest county in the state of Ohio, reported a record number of heroin deaths last year – 195. That number is more than the total number of annual homicide deaths in the county.

Heroin is an ever-increasing problem in the state of Ohio. Last year, overdosing on heroin led to 34 more deaths than in the year prior.

Officials believe that this phenomenon can be contributed to, at least in part, the accessibility of heroin. In Ohio, even suburban neighborhoods, heroin has become more readily available than many prescription drugs and painkillers.

Physicians in Cuyahoga County, in an effort to reduce the number of heroin overdose deaths, have ramped up distribution of the overdose antidote naloxone, which they say has reversed 31 potential overdoses.

In a previous blog, we discussed the "new face" of heroin addiction. Until recently, heroin addiction was seen as something that characterized the quintessential "junkie." Now, we are seeing more and more heroin addicts in middle to upper-class households with good jobs and loving families.

Statistically, 11 Ohio residents die each week due to heroin overdose. Law enforcement has taken notice, and has launched a heroin-focused drug unit to combat the growing problem.

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