Ohio Supreme Court Wants Delaware County to Add a Judge


The Ohio Supreme Court recommended that Delaware County add a judge for a new domestic relations division. This new division would have one judgeship, and this new judge would have exclusive judicial authority over all divorces, separations, custody, and related domestic matters in Delaware County.

Due to rising caseloads, the Supreme Court responded by issuing this recommendation. In 2012, Delaware County specifically petitioned to the state's high court to add a judicial position.

Caseloads in this county increased in multiple areas, and with more juvenile cases than ever before, Delaware County felt the need to alleviate some of the pressure mounting in its domestic cases.

Ohio Judge Everett Krueger believes that the rising caseload is due in part to the housing crisis. Although the peak of the housing crisis was around the year 2008, about six years ago, the effects have certainly lingered.

A judge will not be appointed for the proposed domestic relations division the Ohio Legislature signs off on it. Delaware County, Ohio has not added a new judicial position for nearly 20 years. Some have proposed building a new courthouse with more room to accommodate the growing judicial system in this county.