Colleges Across the Nation Crack Down on Alcohol and Drug Use


The U.S. Department of Education together with the U.S. Justice Department recently released their annual report on school crime and safety. The report concluded that while overall crime rates have dropped, colleges are stepping up enforcement of alcohol and drug laws.

Disciplinary actions were taken against 162 out of every 10,000 students on college campuses across the nation. Officials reported that it's not actual offenses that are on the rise, but enforcement that's becoming more aggressive.

The report compares college disciplinary proceedings with actual arrests for criminal offenses. Again, the numbers show that disciplinary proceedings are increasing while the total number of arrests have remained about the same.

The federal government requires colleges and universities – at least those that participate in federal student aid programs – to disclose all criminal offenses committed on or near their campuses. This requirement is known as the Clery Act. The problem with the Clery Act is that compliance isn't consistently enforced, so the data may not be an accurate reflection of crime on campuses.