Ohio Court Rules Police Dash-Cam Videos are Not Public Records


Police dash-cam videos often make headlines when they capture extreme or controversial situations, including high speed pursuits, police shoot-outs, and crashes. The footage these videos capture, however, is not for entertainment. According to the 12th District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, police dash-cams are not even public records.

In a unanimous ruling, the court stated that dash-cam videos of officers, deputies, and troopers chasing or arresting criminal suspects are confidential law-enforcement records used for investigative purposes. The court also found that the videos are protected from release under Ohio's public record laws.

The ruling came in a case brought by a Cincinnati man who argued that he had been unlawfully denied dash-cam video footage of a drunk driving arrest. The state trooper stated that the video was protected from release, as it was being used as part of a criminal investigation. The court agreed.

In many cases across the country, media and the public are able to obtain dash-cam videos without many legal barriers. This recent decision will only apply to courts within the district, but may set a precedent for denying the release of dash-cam videos in other cases.

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