10Th District Appeals Court Affirms Conviction of 16-Year-Old


Today, the 10th District Court of Appeals in Ohio rejected the appeal of a young man convicted of burglary, felonious assault, and aggravated robbery. The 16-year-old was convicted in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. While the appeals court rejected his appeal, affirming the convictions, the court did decide to have the case resentenced.

The defendant was sentenced to consecutive prison terms, but the appeals court found that the judges did so without first making the required findings. Initially, the defendant's case was being handled in the juvenile division of the Franklin County court but later the jurisdiction was changed so that the defendant could be tried as an adult.

After the defendant pleaded guilty to one count of burglary, two counts of felonious assault, and one count of aggravated robbery, the court sentenced him to two consecutive prison terms totaling 18 years' imprisonment.

The only assignment of error that the appeals court agreed with was the claim that the consecutive sentences were inappropriate. The 10th District Court remanded the sentence, which means that the case now goes back to the lower court for resentencing. If the Franklin County court makes the required findings to support the consecutive sentences, it can impose a new sentence.