OVI Prosecution: Denial of Motion to Suppress Was Error


This case involved an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper who pulled a driver over because he observed the vehicle weaving into the opposite lane of traffic and driving with their left turn signal on without making a turn. After the stop, the driver was charged with OVI (violation of R.C. § 4511.19), driving on an expired driver's license (violation of § 4510.12) and failure to control (violation of § 4511.20).

The defendant claimed that the trooper illegally stopped his vehicle and denied a motion to suppress. The Municipal Court denied this motion. The defendant appealed and it was decided that the trial court erred in denying motion to suppress where officer did not have reasonable articulable suspicion to stop defendant. The judgment relied on evidence that was inconclusive (defendant was weaving) and the court also ruled that the turn signal was not on for an extended period, R.C. 4511.39(A). Read more: State v. Coyle, 2013-Ohio-4017.