The Face of Prescription Drug Abuse


In a recent article in The Atlantic, it was noted that prescription drug abuse is the most common among people who abused or over-used them while adolescents. This type of drug abuse has been a recognized problem for some time, but more recently the FDA has begun to push for tougher regulations to prevent this type of abuse. However strong these regulations become, they can only deal with the supply side of the issue. Supply still has to reflect the demand, and the demand for prescription drugs is continuously high. Interestingly enough, a large percentage of the demand is coming from a socioeconomic group who should have the best lives of any other group. The Atlantic describes these people as "white, affluent youth." What is the makeup of this group? The article explains that individuals born between 1984 and 1990 abuse prescription drugs (particularly painkillers) at a rate higher than 40 percent of all other age groups.

To view the entire story, visit The Atlantic's article: The Existential Pain of Being Young, White, and Affluentt.