FDA Approves Injection to Fight Drug Addiction


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved of a once-a-month injection that could potentially help wean drug-addicts off of narcotics such as heroin and other opiates. The injection is called Vivitrol. What this drug does is block the effects of drugs on the brain which can in turn prevent relapse and suppress cravings. Six months of testing resulted in an 86 percent success rate. The FDA claims that the injection is non-habit forming and that it is highly more affective than placebo pills. While this injection can be highly effective, it is still up to the drug addict or their loved ones to help administer the drug at least once a month. Vivitrol has been manufactured in part with a drug that has been used to treat opiate addicts since the 70s, naltrexone. To read the entire story, please visit the NPR article.