Two-Day Operation Shield Program Results in 538 Citations


The Franklin County Sheriff's Office implemented its Operation Shield program. This two-day program has two main goals: 1) strengthen law enforcement partnerships, and 2) remove impaired drivers from roads and highways. Last Thursday through Saturday morning, the Sheriff's Office said that the program resulted in 538 citations issued out of approximately 1,000 traffic stops.

Out of the 538 total citations, 21 of them were OVI arrests, 59 of them were driving on a suspended license violations and 104 citations were seatbelt violations. There were also some felony cases initiated by the Operation Shield program. There were two instances of stolen vehicles, one weapons case and 24 drug offenses all within the first day of the program.

According to Col. John Born of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Operation Shield and other partnership programs like it result in "unprecedented success" within the state of Ohio.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol worked together with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the Columbus Division of Police, the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office and others to implement Operation Shield.

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