Hilliard Sobriety Checkpoint Arrests


Two arrests were made during the Hilliard sobriety checkpoint last Friday evening. The Franklin County DUI Task Force set up the checkpoint between 9pm and 2am. In addition to the two arrests, there were ten citations issued. Law enforcement made eight driver's license and suspension-related arrests, issued 19 total traffic warnings and impounded three vehicles. Over 1,000 vehicles passed through the sobriety checkpoint zone, and law enforcement checked about half of these vehicles. They also diverted 29 of them. The Franklin County DUI Task Force is a joint effort by multiple law enforcement agencies, such as the Hilliard Police Department, Franklin Township Police Department, Upper Arlington Police Department, Reynoldsburg Police Department, Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol. If you were arrested at this sobriety checkpoint or one like it, please do not hesitate to contact a Columbus DUI lawyer at Koffel Brininger Nesbitt for defense.