Grandmother Sentenced to Four Months in Jail for Stealing Over $500k


Attorney Brad Koffel of Koffel Brininger Nesbitt represented a 71-year-old Upper Arlington woman who was facing theft charges for stealing more than $500,000 from her employer to help her family members over a seven year period. The woman pled guilty to one count of theft and was sentenced to four months in jail despite the fact that she had already paid back the money. According to the judge, the amount of money stolen still warranted jail time regardless.

The woman stole over $500k while working as a bookkeeper at Rod's Western Palace. Her reason for stealing the funds was to help her family members who had recently "fallen on hard times." She did this by writing checks to herself from the company's account. According to Mr. Koffel, the stolen funds were used to purchase a home for the woman's ex-husband, a home for one of her sons, health insurance for another of her sons and for other additional expenses.

While the family members did not originally know where the money was coming from, they did help the grandmother liquidate her assets for restitution. Those assets included her home and another home in Norwich Township. She also had to pay interest and attorney fees to Rod's Western Palace. The judge stated that the grandmother's jail sentence would have been longer had it not been for her recent hip-replacement surgery. The judge also ordered the woman to serve three years' probation. If you would like to learn more about this case or how you could secure representation from a Columbus criminal defense lawyer at the firm, contact Koffel Brininger Nesbitt today.