What Separates KLF from the Rest


Here I am again, at the end of another great summer working for KLF. The subjects given to me to blog on have always provided me with a great insight into the inner workings of this firm. And thanks to this insight, I can see some excellent shifts in the practices of KLF. Last summer, I saw how deeply everyone here cares about our clients. This summer I witnessed how they're applying that care into the practice. KLF has always been about helping people with their problems, but recently I've noticed that we have been striving to find the root of our clients' problems.

Finding and fixing the what's at the core of people's troubles ensures that they will not be repeat customers, always finding trouble with the law. I've written plenty of blogs in the past about how people drink and drive or do drugs or steal money because they are bored with their lives and feel that any of these (or a combination thereof) will make them feel better. To quote one of my older blog entries, "Unhappy people take risks. Dumb risks. And they wind up needing help from us. They try to fill the unhappiness in their lives with one of the vices that ALL of our clients struggle with at least one: sex, alcohol, drugs, or greed." So how do we fix these problems? We take a holistic approach to criminal defense.

In layman's terms, holistic refers to anything encompassing the mind, body, and soul. And that's where we start helping our clients. Why did they break the law? Are they depressed? Quite often, yes. So what can we do to fix that? We offer advice and tips on how to get their mind, body, and soul back into harmony with each other. We recommend more beneficial diet plans, and amino acid supplements that can balance out the chemicals in your brain. We find the best rehabilitation centers that fit for them. We offer advice on how they can stay ahead of their depression by exercising taking care of themselves. And we handle the legal process so that there is one less worry for them to distract themselves with.

You won't find another firm that will do all of this for its clients. It's as simple as that. The people at Koffel Law understand that representation goes well beyond "making charges disappear" or cutting a deal with prosecutors. It's about helping people overcome this roadblock in their lives and moving forward so that they can be happy, contributing members of society.

By Connor Roe, Summer Intern