What Not to Do if You are a Convicted Felon


Nothing good ever happens when, after drinking a few beers, you get angry at your parents and threaten them. Things will get even worse if they are afraid of you and call 9-1-1. Assume further that it still sounds like a good idea to hop on over to your parents' home with a gun; and, noticing police cruisers in front, you still decide to press ahead. At this point, if you are a convicted felon and you cannot possess a gun, it's best to chuck that thing in the bushes. Just not the bushes immediately next to the front door of your parents' home.

Well, if you are still reading along, you can imagine how things ended for Patrick Nero in Stark County in July 2011. He knocks on the door, the police answer, the cops see the gun in the bushes, Patrick is arrested and Mirandized . . . then admits the gun is his. Woops.

His trial strategy didn't exactly pay off. The strategy of "proof the gun was mine" was pretty much tanked the moment he showed up with it, knocked on the door and ditched it in the bushes. Oh, and the confession.