DUI convictions and Canada


DUI convictions and Canada

If you have a DUI/OVI conviction and attempt to enter Canada you may be in for a rude awakening. Under Canadian law, a non-citizen cannot enter the country unless you have been rehabilitated. There are various ways you may be rehabilitated and enter the country.

First, you may apply for deemed rehabilitation. You may do this at the port of entry by proving the following. There was only one conviction and at least ten years have elapsed since all of the penalties were completed. The previous conviction did not involve any serious property damage, physical harm to any person, or any type of weapon.

Second, you may attempt to streamline rehabilitation. You are eligible if you two or less convictions and at least five years have elapsed since all of the penalties were completed. As with the deemed rehabilitation, the convictions should not involve any serious property damage to anything or involve a weapon.

Further, you may also apply for a temporary resident permit. Regardless of your method of entry, it is strongly suggested to meet with an immigration lawyer first. Even more importantly, if you are charged with a DUI/OVI and wish to cross the northern border anytime soon, consult with an experienced OVI/DUI attorney to avoid conviction.