Franklin County Adult Probation Department


Community control on felony convictions is another phrase for probation. When a client is placed on a period of community control / probation, the period can be up to 5 years.

Here is a list of what I tell my clients to expect when placed on community control in Franklin County.

1. You cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. You must obey all state, federal and local laws.

3. You must obey all regulations of the probation department.

4. You must immediately report all new arrests and convictions to your probation officer.

5. You must obtain pre-approval to leave the State of Ohio without written permission from your probation officer.

6. You must always keep your probation officer informed of your current residence, employment and source of income.

7. You cannot purchase, possess, own, use or have under your control, any firearms, deadly weapons, ammunition, dangerous ordinance, or chemical spray.

8. You cannot purchase, possess, own, use or have under your control any narcotic or other controlled substance unless it is lawfully prescribd. This includes paraphernalia.

9. You must supply your probation officer a list of your prescriptions. You must take your lawfully prescribed medication.

10. You are subject to random drug testing.

11. You must sign a release of information for all medical providers.

12. You must submit a DNA sample and fingerprints to the probation department.

13. You must agree to searches of your property without a warrant, including your house and vehicles.

14. You must find and maintain gainful employment.

15. You must pay all fines and court costs.

Also, judges may order terms called, "Special Conditions" of probation. It is very important that all clients know, prior to starting a community control term, exactly what will be expected of them.