150K Embezzlement Client Sentenced to No Jail or Prison


Our client, a 48 year old woman, was indicted for stealing over $150,000 from her employer over a 4 year period. Her family retained Brad Koffel to defend her. Prior to this, the client had never been in any legal trouble. Unfortunately, any theft over $100,000 carries a prison term of 1-5 years.

Mr. Koffel negotiated a settlement with the State of Ohio wherein the client agreed to plead to theft of $82,000 which took her to a lower felony level that carries a presumption of a non-prison term. Separately, Mr. Koffel negotiated a civil settlement of an additional $25,000 payable over 3 years directly to the victim.

The client was sentenced to 5 years of community control and no jail.