Ohio State University and Arrests


by Brad Koffel

We recently learned that OSU has a new self-disclosure of criminal convictions for employees.

Here is the memo:

From he Ohio State University Office of Human Resources information:

Self-Disclosure of Criminal Convictions and Background Check Policy 4.15 has been revised, effective April 1. Background checks are required for all post-offer, pre-employment hires of internal and external candidates for all regular faculty and staff positions, including auxiliary faculty, temporary, and term appointments.

Also, all current faculty, staff, graduate associates and student employees, appointees, volunteers, and staff provided by third party vendors will be required to self-disclose criminal convictions that occur on or after July 1, 2011 within three business days of the conviction. Disclosure should occur to the Senior HR Professional, the Office of Human Resources Employment Law and Compliance Manager, or the Medical Center Employee Relations team. Failure to disclose criminal convictions, or to provide accurate details regarding criminal convictions, and/or to cooperate in the background check process will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement, Classified Civil Service Rules, and/or university policy. Conviction information will be assessed in regards to suitability for continued employment based on relevancy to the employees job duties.

For questions related to this policy, please contact Katie Hall: hall.738@osu.edu