Treatment Options After a Drug Addict's Arrest


By Brad Koffel

Many times each year we are hired by concerned, scared, and confused parents of addicted kids. It usually starts with the parents being referred to our law firm because of our vast experience and deep understanding of drug and alcohol offenders. If our client is still in jail, we will work with the family to make sure bail is high enough that their addicted son or daughter cannot post bail. We will then conduct an interview with the family to get as much information on the client's drug and alcohol history to determine the appropriate and smart conditions of release that we would want a judge to impose.

For instance, it is common for us to keep a teen or young adult in jail for several days while we explore residential treatment options in the United States. We strongly recommend to loved ones that the addicted child be removed from the area in which he/she lives for treatment. We will share our roster of treatment facilities in which we have personally visited or have one-on-one experience in working with.

The family of the addict will need to determine how to pay for treatment. The financing options are tragically limited. Most insurance companies provide scant coverage for premium residential treatment centers. Therefore, private pay tends to be the only viable option. We will advise parents treatment options, centers, and financing.

Once a facility is identified and a bed is made available, we will advise the family to purchase a one way ticket to the airport closest to the city in which the client will be admitted. Most treatment centers will have an escort waiting for the client at the gate. Many reputable treatment providers have special TSA clearance that allows them to wait right at the gate. Once that is done, we will immediately go see a judge for purposes of getting the bond reduced with a special condition of release that the client report directly to the treatment facility.

If you are a parent, spouse, or loved one of an addict who has been arrested, please feel free to call us Mondays-Sundays, 7 am - 10 pm. A brief telephone interview will be conducted. If we believe we can help, my staff will put you in contact with me immediately. You can reach us at 614-675-4845.