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Defending Sex Abuse Allegations


by Brad Koffel

False sex abuse allegations are difficult and time consuming to defend. However, if the defense attorney is willing and able to be aggressive, these cases can be turned on their heads through exhaustive investigation.

We have had significant success keeping charges from even being filed against some of our clients as a result of our defense strategy. We will interview our client several times with our lawyers, our investigators, and eventually a confidential polygraph examination in our office. We will run a detailed background check on our client including electronic evidence that is subject to discovery by the government (Facebook profiles, email, texts, photos, voice mail, etc.). Many times the absence of incriminating evidence is worth its weight in gold.

At the same time we will launch an equally exhaustive investigation into the alleged accuser. We will want cell phone records, texts, chats, Facebook pages, photos, and email preserved. There is little doubt that neither law enforcement nor prosecutor's will simply turn this web-based and electronic data over to us. Being ethically smart in our investigations is of paramount importance.

Many false sex abuse allegations can be reversed once the prudent defense team exposes the lie by using the accuser's own post-alleged incident evidence that we are able to discover.