DUI on a Bicycle


In case you missed it on the news tonight @ 6 pm, a 42 year old Columbus man was charged with DUI near Westerville Sunday afternoon. On a bicycle. It was 1 p.m. Sunday & Darrell Hutchison was obviously out of beer.  So, he hopped on his Huffy & headed on down the road to UDF.  He bought a 40 ouncer, slammed it in the parking lot, and jumped back on his bike. 

The UDF employee noticed Darrell's drunkenness & for some reason called 911. Genoa Township police responded & found ole' Darrell minding his own business & pedaling back home (I am not making this up!).  The police stopped him, put him through their field sobriety tests & arrested him for DUI.  He blew 2 1/2 times the legal limit.  My guess is Darrell was shocked to learn that a bicycle is, in fact, a vehicle for DUI purposes under Ohio DUI law.

It is true... In 1986, Ohio amended the DUI statute to specifically include bicycles.  This begs the question. What exactly can you ride in Ohio without risking a DUI?  Here ya go--a horse, a unicycle, a tricycle, and a Segway.